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Yacht Marketing Services
...it's not just about selling your yacht, it's about getting the most for it !



    Now that you have owned your yacht for a while, enjoyed it to the most or simply had enough of it, you finally realized it's time to trade it in for a newer or larger one or, simply order a custom designed yacht that would fulfill all your needs and dreams integrating the most advanced technologies available today: Your very own custom BENTLEY YACHTS!

    Selling a yacht is not an easy task even for the most talented salesmen. It takes knowledge, time, dedication and a personalized marketing effort to successfully sell a yacht. That's where Yacht Boutique comes in, with a One of a Kind  marketing campaign tailored for your very own yacht.

    Most savvy yacht owners rely on well established brokerage companies to sell their yachts and agree to pay them a 10% commission of the price the yacht is sold for.

     Unfortunately, it does not take too long for them to realize that unless they have a unique and well sought yacht, their yacht is going to be listed for a long time! The reason is simple: Yacht Brokers do not offer a personalized marketing service to sell one's yacht, they just put it on the market by means of mass advertisement that features a particular yacht along with dozens of others in tiny little pictures in the yacht magazines. It gets even worst, when the particular yacht is advertised by two or more brokers in the same magazine, thus creating a negative image that you, the owner, is desperate to sell the yacht. The more people see your yacht over and over every month in the magazines the less likely it is to call anyone's attention or your chance of getting what you want for it.

    Yacht Boutique offers a personalized marketing strategy that is developed in accordance to your budget. We feel that the first thing that must be done to sell a yacht is to put it in a selling atmosphere, meaning that we will guide you on how to make your yacht cosmetically and mechanically sound, thus  making it able to attract real buyers, not speculators. It is a fact that the more you invest in selling your yacht, the quicker it will sell and the higher will be its sale price. In other words, some investment in professional marketing and technical consultancy will result in a better and quicker sale.

     At Yacht Boutique, we believe in targeted technical marketing and not in simple advertisement. Most brokers make the owners spend thousands in preparing a brochure of their yachts, that in most cases are mailed to unqualified callers responding to mass advertisement and end up in the garbage. In many cases the yachts do not sell because brokers instruct yacht owners to ask for unrealistic prices with an eye in the commission. For this purpose, part of our marketing services, is to assess the actual value of the yacht by having it professionally appraised. Additionally, a survey of the yacht will serve to assess its physical and mechanical condition which will be used to make any mechanical and cosmetic corrections. A survey to prepare the yacht for sale will save the prospective buyer time, and can be used as a verifiable instrument of the actual state of the Yacht.

    Yacht Boutique does require Exclusive Listing in order to professionally and successfully market your yacht. After you contact us, we will meet with you in person aboard your yacht and walk it through, to discuss the best method to successfully market your yacht at your budget.

    The best part, is that Yacht Boutique One of a Kind Yacht Marketing Services are fully deductible from the sales commission of the yacht, making it actually cost free for you.

    For more information on how Yacht Boutique's Professional Yacht Marketing Services can make a difference in the sale of your yacht, please fill in the form below or call John F. Rodrigues directly in the USA at +1 (904) 584-2528.

Note: At Yacht Boutique we treat your inquiry  with personalization and total confidentiality; we like to preserve your privacy and keep you safe. After we receive and process your inquiry we will contact you and request a initial non-refundable fee to meet you in person and tailor a Yacht Marketing Program that is specific for your yacht.

PS: If you own a Mega Yacht or Superyacht and would like to have it professionally and successfully Chartered to a very special clientele, please contact us for a One of Kind Service.

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