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Personalized Yacht Consultancy
                                                                                                                                    ...leave the purchase and/or upgrade of your yacht to the Professionals !



    Yacht Boutique offers a highly customized and personalized Mega Yacht & Superyacht consultancy service for a One of a Kind experience for the owner, buyer and seller!

    If you are seriously considering servicing, upgrading, purchasing a yacht or selling your current yacht to the point that you are willing to pay for technical consultancy and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes, count on Yacht Boutique and the expertise of Mr. John F. Rodrigues, a world renown Yacht Broker and a marine consultant.

    Why spend your precious time dealing with pretentious yacht brokers that claim to know the market, but cannot even explain you the difference between a hydrofoil and a SWATH hull. We challenge you to simply ask a yacht broker what Sea State 5 means? What about interceptors or cycloidal rudders? They probably never heard about it !

     We cater to the Very Best Yachts in the world with maximum attention to every detail and a professional service that will give you exact what you want for the price you want, no matter which brand, type or size of yachts. We will make sure that no matter type, age or size of yacht you buy, it  will be professionally surveyed for your safety and peace of mind at sea.

    For more information on purchasing a new yacht anywhere in the world, selling your current yacht at the right price or to inquire on our Professional Design & Engineering Consultancy Services, please fill in the form below or call John F. Rodrigues directly in the USA at +1 (904) 584-2528.

    Yacht Boutique's Professional & Personalized Yacht Consultation fees starts as low as $15,000.00USD and are fully deductible from new equipment costs when upgrading or from the Broker's commission when selling your yacht.

Note: At Yacht Boutique we treat your inquiry  with personalization and total confidentiality; we like to preserve your privacy and keep you safe. After we receive and process your inquiry we will contact you and request a non-refundable initial deposit fee and research a number of selected yachts that may suit your specific requirements, so you can pick the ones you like best to visit and inspect. We will mail you brochures of the yachts we will carefully select for you.  Air & Ground transportation and hotel stay in local ports can be also arranged and included in your personalized package. We will personally meet you and your family anywhere in the world and walk you onboard!

PS: If you own a Mega Yacht or Superyacht and would like to have it professionally marketed to a very special clientele and successfully sold at your convenience, please contact us for a One of Kind Service.


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