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Welcome to the Reservations Desk for:

The Quatre Saisons Rendez-Vous
                                                                        ...the ultimate Yachtsman event

Please fill in all fields on the form below and we will personally contact you for an invitation and tailor your vacation to your specific needs.

We want you and your family to have an unforgetable experience with us during our Yacht Boutique Rendez-Vous events, so please help us by supplying us the following information:

In which of Yacht Boutique's Quatre Saisons Rendez-Vous are you interested in participating?

SPRING Palm Beach, FL (U.S.A.)                        SUMMER Maui- Kapalua (Hawaii)
         March 7-14,  2014                                                                June 20-27,  2014

AUTUMN Monte Carlo (Monaco)                         WINTER  St. Moritz (Switzerland)
           September 21-28,  2014                                                            January 20-27,  2014

Price per person excluding transportation: $15,000.00

Your Name:


City:   State/Province:    Country:

                                             ZIP/Postal Code:

Direct Contact Phone Number:         Fax: 


Number of persons in your party: Are there any children? No If, yes ages:

Number of Hotel rooms needed:

How would you like to get to the Rendez-Vous event: My Private Jet

Leased Jet    Airline of Choice

Type of ticket: First    Executive/Business     Coach

Would you like to have a rental car during this trip?    If yes, for how long?

No, I would like to have someone meeting me at the Airport of destination and take me to the event.

According to the time of the year and the event you selected above, please choose the favorite activities for you and your family:

Skiing    Golf     Tennis    Horseback Riding    Scuba Diving





What Yacht Boutique is offering to me and my family:

- Welcome Cocktail at the Hotel
- One Yacht Boutique and one BENTLEY YACHTS shirt per guest (please choose color and size when booking)
- One Yacht Boutique "Robe de Chambre"per guest
- Hotel Accomodation for 7 nights
- Breakfast and Dinner daily
- Choice of daily Sport activities: Skiing, Golf, Tennis, Horseback ridding, scuba diving, SPA
- 7 Day Yacht Designers Presentation on BENTLEY YACHTS and get together Cocktail
- Private appointments with us and the Yacht Designers at your convenience during your stay to discuss your Yachting needs.
- Participation of the selected special events, such as Festivals and sightseeing

NOTICE: All our Rendez-Vous events have very limited guest availability and are by invitation only in order to maintain its prestige and class. Therefore we suggest you book early in order to guarantee you and your family an unforgetable experience with us.

- All Participants must prepay within a minimum of 15 days in advance.
- Prices for each Yacht Boutique Rendez-Vous event are subject to change without notice and in accordance with the circunstances. Last minute arrangements are generally more expensive.
- Our comprehensive week packages are priced per person and includes all that is listed above, except transportation which is priced separately in accordance to your family needs.

    Once again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to have you and your family onboard and we look forward to see you and your family in our next Yacht Boutique Rendez-Vous.


                                                                              John F.  Rodrigues
                                                                              Yacht Boutique Principal

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