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Woody Designs

60' (18m) BENTLEY Yachts  Woodster TM

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Design & Engineering: John F. Rodrigues and the BENTLEY Yachts International Design and Engineering Team
Delivery: 12 months
$1,600,000 (US) Open Version
$1,800,000 (US) Enclosured Version
Construction: Advanced Marine Mahogany Hull & Superstructure with Composite Accents
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine  Aluminum V-12 Diesels
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

    The eccentric three stateroom Woodster brings together the Nostalgia of a bygone era and the most advanced hull and propulsion technologies from BENTLEY Yachts.

    Completely hand crafted by renowned wood boat artisans, the Woodster features a very seaworthy Air Cavity mahogany hull that enables you to carve through the waves with unmatched precision and comfort at 60 knot plus speeds.

   Woodster is distinguished by its high-gloss Mahogany hull with deep blue metallic paint and yellow stripe and, highly polished stainless steel accents that bring its unique avant garde design to life.  Low maintenance twin BENTLEY Marine V-12 Aluminum engines drive custom ventilated waterjets, incorporating all the BENTLEY Yachts exclusive technologies, such as remote monitored engine room, whisper quiet mini turbine generators, advanced motion control system,  integrated touch screen monitoring and alarm system, US Navy approved electric and electronics.

    Of special interest is its large aft sunpad, barbecue and Jacuzzi and the custom built  jet tender, which convenient doubles as a "bow rider" seating area. The enclosured version shown here comes equipped with an air conditioned cockpit and electric operated sunroofs.

    The BENTLEY Yachts Woodster is for the few  who can afford to enjoy life with style.

    For more information on how Air cavity Hulls work and other BENTLEY Yachts exclusive Advanced Hull Designs go to:

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36' (11m) BENTLEY Yachts   
Retro TM
The first Air Cavity  Runabout  Woody TM

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Design by: John F. Rodrigues and the BENTLEY Yachts International Design and Engineering Team
Delivery: 9 months
$575,000 (US)
Construction: Advanced Marine Mahogany Hull & Superstructure with Polished Aluminum Accents
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine Aluminum 32 valve V-8 with Digital Fuel Injection
Fuel Type: Gasoline

    Awesome! Nothing comes close to the modern style of the hand crafted mahogany Air Cavity Retro and its plush 50 knot plus ride experience. This one of a kind concept from BENTLEY Yachts incorporates dual windshield wrapped cockpits with electric side windows and electro-hydraulic bimini tops separated by a middle large luggage compartment.  Twin BENTLEY Marine aluminum 32 valve V-8's dictate whisper quiet operation, while four speed automatic gear boxes provide outstanding  fuel economy. The power is transmitted by custom high efficiency water-jets that provide for excellent maneuverability and no vibration. When not used in the open version, and once the electro-hydraulic bimini tops are closed, owners and guests can enjoy the freshness of its powerful twin air conditioning units and arrive dry in style to black tie affairs in the French or Italian Riviera. During the short trip they can also watch their favorite movie or TV while  zipping refreshments from the mini-bar.

    The Retro seats up to eleven  people in weather proof soft leather seats and features digital full instrumentation and navigation system.

    The custom polished aluminum accents and the high gloss mahogany make the Retro unmistakably BENTLEY Yachts.

Introducing the New & Exhilarating:

33' (10m) BENTLEY Yachts    Woodster Open TM

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Design by: JR Marine in Marmaris & BENTLEY Yachts Engineering Team
Delivery: 9 months
$575,000 (US)
Construction: Choice of Advanced Marine Pine or Mahogany Hull & Superstructure with Polished Stainless Steel Accents
Engine: BENTLEY Marine's Exclusive AEPS - Advanced Electric Propulsion System
Fuel Type: Diesel / LNG

      The new BENTLEY YACHTS Woodster Open is the only boat of its kind in the world.

     Unlike the wood look-a-like yachts in the market today, this wide beam 33ft Woodster Yacht is the real thing! Wood boat fanatics around the world know the difference and can tell that no fiberglass boat gives the smooth feeling in the water that a real strong epoxy-coated pine and mahogany boat does.

     Now, you add a timeless design and the hand craft experience that only our selected wood boat artisans in Marmaris (Turkey) can do, with Bentley Yachts' whisper quiet AEPS Diesel Electric propulsion and twin water jets for an unmatched 50 knot plus performance and fuel efficiency. The finest wood boat ever!

     The lavish air conditioned interior features a large berth, a fully equipped head and a galley. Expect leather seats in and out and Bentley Yachts fully integrated digital controls, alarm and navigation equipment.

    Shown in detail is the 33ft Woodster Open  retractable swim platform.


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