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The extraordinary QUADTM VD(Variable Draft)-SWATH Illuminations!

QUAD VD-SWATH @ 40knots in full planning mode                                                        @ 15knots in fully submerged SWATH mode
100' (30m) BENTLEY Yachts   Illuminations
The world's first 4 Hull VD (Variable Draft) High Speed SWATH Yacht!

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineered by: BENTLEY Yachts Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months
$15,000,000 (US)
Construction: BENTLEY Marine exclusive Aluminum  & Titanium Alloys
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine AEPS- Advanced Electric Propulsion System & Gas Turbines
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)


    The revolutionary Design of BENTLEY YACHTS Illuminations brings new light into yachting.

    The sleek Variable Draft 4 hull QUAD SWATH Yacht adds new perspectives into yacht comfort through the use of innovative QUADTM VD-(Variable Draft) hull technology: In rough seas the 4 pod hull design are fully submerged ins SWATH mode by automatic ballast tanks and and when high speed crusising is desired, the water ballast is quickly released and the yacht rises so that the 4 hulls operate as 4 high performance planning hulls.

    All window designs and glass floors made of a special lightweight electronically controlled luminescent glass that will change the way one feels and interacts with the sea onboard a yacht forever!

     Although all BENTLEY YACHTS interior concepts are  well secured secrets only personally revealed to our clients, Yacht Developer John F. Rodrigues could not resist describing the stunning interior of Illuminations to the world ! We are sure that some copycat yacht designers in the industry will quickly try to trade on our intellectual property on this one too, just watch!

    With more natural light than any other yacht ever conceived, Illuminations innovative Design makes extensive use of glass not only in windows, but also in floors, thus making you feel that you are virtually floating in between the sky and the sea, providing an incredible sensation of lightness from no matter where you position yourself onboard.

     The main salon is strategically located forward, just below the upper windshield, providing ocean views from every possible angle. Look up and you will see the sky through the upper windshield, look forward and you will find a giant convex angled windshield that deflects the wind reducing the air resistance at high speeds and look sideways and you will find two enormous arrow shaped windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling and continues as a skylight aft and to the outside, over the walkways.

    Continuing on the main deck,  you will find yourself walking on glass floors, forward on the main salon and aft at the formal dining area,  that will allow you to have the incredible and unforgettable experience of being able to watch the most beautiful corals and ocean floors of the world or simply the waves passing by at 40knots without spilling your drink! - BENTLEY YACHTS' exclusive VD-SWATH technology takes care of the smooth ride.

    Four large staterooms are also located on the wide 28.4ft (8.6m) wide main deck. They incorporate floor-to-ceiling electronically controlled luminescent windows for breath taking ocean views and slide open into the walkway which doubles as a balcony.

     Aft, on the main deck, you will find an open galley and the formal dining room all surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that can slide completely open for an "Al fresco" lunch or dinner experience. This whole area also floats in between the ocean and the sky, thus featuring a glass floor and being directly under the artistic glass floor from the upper deck. The amount of light passing through the artistic glass ceiling  during the day is also electronically controlled.

    The  "Top of the World" master suite with 360 Ocean views is located on the upper deck directly under the giant sliding luminescent skylight. The master suite is surrounded by mirrored glass windows forward and aft that give you total privacy and yet allow you to see the action at the forward salon immediately below, while taking a good look at the ocean below through the salon's glass floor. The captain seats on a floating island helm station located forward to  the master suite and connected to it by means of a glass bridge. From the aft windows of the master suite you can see 180 ocean views and what is going on the upper glass deck entertaining area, who is in the Jacuzzi, or if people are already seated in the formal dining room waiting for you.

    Illuminations unmatched seakeeping at high speeds is assured by a 4 pod advanced VARIABLE DRAFT SWATH system, which combined with computer controlled transom interceptors and   4 fins provide an unprecedent  silk smooth ride at zero speed or at 40 knots. The blades and Ventilated Water Jets turned by vibration free and smoke free whisper quiet BENTLEY MARINE turbines, form an unbeatable  package. Shallow draft operation is instantaneously achieved by an air activated ballast system which reduces the draft from 9ft  (2.7m) to a negligible 4ft (1.2m), thus providing unrestricted access to any shallow water ports and destinations.

    A low profile wide beam catamaran tender is stored at the  transom center garage, while two large jet skis are stored on the catamaran hull transom garages.

    So where is the crew?  Although Illuminations is the first yacht entirely conceived to be operated by its owners and families who want the utmost privacy, we have included two separate crew's quarters on the hulls to accommodate up to four crew. For aesthetic reasons, the crew's quarters portholes are facing each other under the catamaran tunnel.

    This sensational yacht marks a breakthrough in Yacht Design and cutting-edge marine technologies. Illuminations is equipped with BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive fly-by-wire controls, concealed navigation equipment and electronics that enhance the flow of its exterior lines and are remotely controlled by a network of computers and touch screen monitors that can turn every single light, machinery and equipment onboard with the touch of a screen. Other exciting features are the Head-up Displays that project vital navigation information on the windshield for all to see and an optional dynamic positioning system that keeps the yacht in place by GPS without the need of anchors.

    Illuminations QUAD VD-SWATH is a BENTLEY YACHTS Masterpiece conceived, designed and engineered for those few who want to move ahead of their time with unparalleled class and prestige!




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