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The impressive Biarritz SWATH Superyacht !

235' (71m) BENTLEY Yachts   Biarritz
The first 200+ feet SWATH Superyacht in the world is also the world's largest yacht to date in deck space!

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineered by: BENTLEY Yachts Engineering Team
Delivery: 24 months
Price: $75,000,000 (US)
Construction: Aluminum Alloys
Propulsion: Bentley Marine Turbo-Electric propulsion
Generators: Bentley Marine
Length: 235ft
Beam: 100ft (with over unbelievable 30,000 sq.ft. of deck space!)
Cruising Speed:  Up to 40 + knots with Bentley Yachts exclusive Semi-planning SWATH hull
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG


    Okay, you want a "floating palace" with twice more space and more comfort at sea than any conventional monohull superyacht of the same length?

    The first SWATH Superyacht in the world offers a palatial  interior space with about 15,000 square feet of main deck and 8,000 sq.ft. + for lower and upper decks. That is more living space than many yachts of over 400ft can offer!

    SWATH hull technology keeps you and your family safe and rock solid onboard, so you can cross the oceans with incomparable comfort and in a whisper quiet environment. The turbo electric propulsion keeps noise and vibration levels close to zero and the money for the fuel in your pocket, since the system is much more fuel efficient than conventional yachts. With just one of the four engines running, you have enough power to feed both propulsion electric motors at very low maneuvering speeds and all onboard electric power requirements. Since you can alternate the use of power among four Diesel generators, you get a system that not only offers total redundancy and reliability, but also extends the TBO (time before overhaul) and life of your machinery.

    Like to entertain for business or family? Biarritz can comfortably accommodate a few hundred guests onboard for an unforgettable day or night party.   Try the upper deck and its 33ft X 16.5ft (10m X 5m) roman swimming pool area with 360 ocean views, protected from the wind by high glasses or, enjoy the forward "top of the seas" salon, piano bar and dining areas for a romantic evening.

   The top deck features two helipads capable of handling large size helicopters and a wide open entertaining area like no other yacht ever conceived.

   Starboard and port tender garages can accommodate boats up to 30ft and a stern car garage equipped with a hydraulic ramp holds two cars or SUV's.

     With a BENTLEY YACHTS "Floating Palace" such as the Biarritz, the World is your newest address!

    Please make an appointment to discuss this magnificent yacht.

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