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420' (127m) BENTLEY Yachts    Ecstasy

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Designed by: Jaime Oliver
Delivery: 36 months or less
$205,000,000 (US)
Construction: BENTLEY MARINE Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Engine: Quadruple BENTLEY MARINE Gas Turbines with interconnected gearboxes
Fuel Type: LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)


    Oliver Design


    Cruise Ship and Superyacht Designer Jaime Oliver is a master in styling, deck planning, interior design and naval architecture.

    His long career and experience have built a portfolio that includes some of the largest and most modern cruise ships, ferry boats and yachts in the world.

    The new 420ft BENTLEY YACHTS Ecstasy  is the result of years of design and engineering from Oliver and the vision of Yacht Developer John F. Rodrigues in integrate the latest military hull and propulsion technologies from the BENTLEY YACHTS international team of naval architects and engineers, thus making this design the most advanced Superyacht ever conceived!

    The elegant hull and superstructure are made with the exclusive BENTLEY MARINE ultra lightweight Aluminum Magnesium Alloy with full sound insulation. The military developed Air Cavity hull creates a thick cushion of air that reduces hydrodynamic drag in over 30%, dramatically increasing speed and fuel efficiency. Wave shocks are also absorbed by the Air Cavity which cushions the ride for an unbelievable experience of speed and comfort at sea. - At BENTLEY YACHTS we create Seakeeping Masterpieces!TM

    Ecstasy may not be the longest Superyacht in the world, but at 40 knots plus, it is by far the fastest Superyacht in the world over 400ft.

    The unique Quadruple BENTLEY MARINE Gas Turbines (2 X 15,000HP + 2 X 6,000HP) with  interconnected gearboxes is an engineering marvel that burn environmentally friendly clean and  non-flammable LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Low speed fuel efficient long range cruising and port maneuvering is achieved with either one or two of the fully reversible 6,000HP turbines (the only one of its kind in the world). The ingenious interconnected gearboxes allow operation of both main propulsors (Ventilated Water Jets) with one, two, three or all four turbines at any time. Two joy-stick controlled 360 steerable stern Cycloidal Rudders interconnected with one 360 steerable bow water jet makes docking of this giant as easy as docking its tenders.

     Comfort is assured by the aerospace derived bow T-Foil and transom interceptor blades motion control system, that reduces pitch, roll and heave in more than 70%. The T-foil is designed as a retractable unit to allow cruising in shallow waters. This lightweight giant Superyacht has a draft of only 3m or 10ft.

    The beauty of using LNG as fuel is that it is less expensive than Diesel in most places worldwide and because it is a cryogenic fuel (-256F), it needs to boil off gas to maintain its low temperature. The boil off gas of Ecstasy large tanks is enough to power at least two of the four computer controlled CHP mini- turbine generators and it's extremely cold temperature provides free and quiet Air Conditioning for the whole vessel  without the need of noisy compressors or electricity, thus making Ecstasy the most fuel efficient yacht ever designed.    


Proposed giant aft VIP suite with private Jacuzzi & SPA

    The suggested opulent interior is a well kept BENTLEY YACHTS secret and includes twenty two suites with ocean views and private balconies, plus a double deck master stateroom forward and a VIP aft. Amenities include an option for an illuminated outdoor tennis court (not shown here), two large swimming pools, garage for eight cars or SUV's and a marina large enough to accommodate four tender yachts, one submarine, six jet skis and other toys.


Like no other in the World!


     The six decks feature an enormous atrium with a glass dome, forward and aft entertainment areas for large "Al Fresco" parties. The two heli-pads are serviced by elevators that move the helicopters from the deck to an enclosed garage.

Copy of Elevator 1.jpg (9017 bytes) Proposed modern Glass Elevators with Atrium and Ocean views


Proposed amidships Atrium with Stained Glass dome



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