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65' (21m) BENTLEY YACHTS  Fiji
(Featuring the amazing A-Foil Hull system)

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Designed by: Todd R. Borton
Delivery: 12 months
$ 4,500,000 (US)
Construction: Advanced Composites
Engine: Twin BENTLEY MARINE ultra-compact ST-6R turbines
Fuel Type: Diesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

    Fiji is one of the new BENTLEY YACHTS Sport Fisherman Series that  brings  game and bill fishing  to a new level and make sea-sickness a thing of the past.

    Experience the ultimate in Sport Fisherman's styling with rich looking exterior accents such as the specially crafted wood work and chrome trim and, the most innovative marine technologies for the utmost in speed, safety and reliability at sea.

    The ultra-compact  BENTLEY MARINE turbines drive a pair of custom Ventilated Water Jets, boosting an exhilarating 50 knot plus performance and a whisper quiet comfortable ride. Fiji's magnificent seakeeping is assured by a superb engineered hull and an electronically controlled motion control system that combines forward A-foils with transom vertical plates.  Superior fishing maneuverability and precision are provided by BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive 360 swivel water jet bow thruster.

    The sleek Sport Fisherman features an integrated aerospace derived Fly-Bridge and a Marlin Tower with   BENTLEY Marine touch-screen panels and joy-stick controls that bring the whole yacht right into your fingertips.  A transparent live bait well,   plenty of refrigerated storage, custom rods and an ergonomic fighting chair shows that Fiji are for the pros, while three lavish spacious staterooms and an overall interior space only seen in much larger yachts, reminds that you are onboard a prestigious BENTLEY YACHTS.

        BENTLEY Yachts Fiji comes turn-key and is backed by a 2 year worldwide warranty. We even include a custom jet-tender stored in the bow area!






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