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75' (23m) BENTLEY YACHTS  Calais
Featuring the advanced A-Foil System

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Designed by: Todd R. Borton
Delivery: 18 months
$3,800,000 (US) Open Version
$4,600,000 (US) Enclosed Version
Construction: Advanced Composites
Engine: Twin BENTLEY MARINE Aluminum V-12 Diesels (Gas Turbines Optional)
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

    Unique shine blue and white hull lines with chrome accents, makes everyone aware that you are onboard the prestigious BENTLEY YACHTS Calais.

    Calais come with the new A-foil technology for unsurpassed fuel economy, speed and comfort at high seas, not matched by any yacht of its size.

    This low maintenance three stateroom yacht incorporates all the latest BENTLEY Yachts exclusive technologies, such as remote monitored engine room, an integrated touch screen monitoring and alarm system,  Navy approved electric and electronics and the ultra lightweight BENTLEY Marine V-12 Aluminum engines with water jets. Bow and stern   360 steerable water jets thrusters powered by any of the two main propulsion Diesels allow the vessel to cruise economically at low speeds (only one engine running) and make docking and maneuvering unbelievably easy. The optional Dynamic Positioning system eliminates the use of anchors.

    A  much larger  jet tender than usually available in this size of yacht and two jet skis fit into the BENTLEY YACHTS developed double entry garage. The open version instead, comes with a bow rider area, which incorporates a custom build jet tender, leaving space for four staterooms.

    BENTLEY Yachts Calais  is a technology masterpiece custom made for those who have an exuberant taste for style and perfection.



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