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95' (29m) BENTLEY YACHTS  Atoll

Yacht Concept & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Designed by: Todd R. Borton
Delivery: 18 months
$7,800,000 (US)
Construction: Advanced Composites
Engine: Twin BENTLEY MARINE ST Series Turbines
Fuel Type: Diesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

    BENTLEY Yachts is proud to introduce the most advanced Sport Fisherman yacht ever!

    Atoll stands for "a ring-shaped coral reef enclosing a lagoon", we say a fisherman's paradise!

    Atoll is part of BENTLEY YACHTS line of first and only turbine powered Sport Fishermen in the world! The twin whisper quiet low-maintenance BENTLEY MARINE  ST Series Turbines are the fastest, most compact and reliable propulsion to take you quickly offshore at 40 knots plus cruising speeds with top speeds exceeding  50 Knots. The lightweight and compact turbines mean 25% more interior space and more fuel for longer trips.

    The retractable A-Foil hull and motion control system uses an active computer controlled hydrofoil in the bow that generates  dynamic lift to partially raise the hull out of the water and cut hydrodynamic resistance in 35%. The integrated system also uses a pair of vertical transom interceptor blades to effective control roll and pitch. The interceptor blades create a high pressure area in the stern that further reduces the overall hull resistance. The result is a hull form capable of mastering heavy seas at very high speeds with unmatched performance, fuel efficiency and comfort onboard.

    BENTLEY MARINE built-in-hull Ventilated Water Jets mean shallow draft with no fishing nets and lines ever trapped into the propellers.

    For the first time serious Sport Fishermen can enjoy and experience the advantages of a whisper quiet fishing environment by shutting down the turbines and using our electric powered bow and stern 360 steerable water-jets for precise maneuvering during trawling.

        The sleek and modern four stateroom yacht incorporates a beautiful combination of specially finished wood work and chrome, making the Atoll quickly distinguished anywhere in the world as a symbol of unique prestige and style that carries the BENTLEY YACHTS pedigree.

    The aerospace derived BENTLEY MARINE motion control system provides for a level of comfort unknown to any present Sport Fisherman and opens a new era in high speed cruising in open waters. The A-foil mounted in the forward section of the hull destroys the geometry of the incoming waves and lifts the hull partially from the water, providing not only for superior seakeeping, but also for more speed and fuel economy.

    Atoll is the first Sport Fisherman to have the amenities of a conventional Yacht, but in a different way, such as an unique bow riding area that is actually part of a custom built tender mounted recessed into the bow or, the upper deck salon with a covered terrace, that is fully equipped with a bar for the best ocean views and entertainment.

    Other exclusive features of the Atoll, which are not found in any other Sport Fishermen are the presence of wide windows in the lower deck that bring lots of natural light to the the four staterooms and the forward cabin design in the main deck that creates an enormous salon with ocean views.

    Talking about fishing, the Atoll comes turn-key and fully equipped with all fishing gear, live bait tank, large on-deck freezers, ice-making machine and great storage.

    Navy approved electric and electronics custom built by BENTLEY MARINE insure safety and reliability at all times. A remote monitored engine room and an integrated touch screen monitoring and alarm system completes the package.




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