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The Wave Piercing Catamaran Silhouette!

150' (45m) BENTLEY Yachts   Silhouette WPC (ALSO AVAILABLE ON A 235FT VERSION)
The most advanced Wave Piercing Catamaran Superyacht in the world!

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineered by: BENTLEY Yachts Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months
$30,000,000 (US)
Construction: BENTLEY Marine exclusive Aluminum Alloy and Composites
Propulsion: Turbo-Electric with Quadruple BENTLEY Marine Gas Turbines Gensets and twin Ventilated Water Jets
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)


    The new 50 knot BENTLEY YACHTS Silhouette Wave Piercing catamaran has got it all!

    Unmatched fuel economy at any speed, long range and the flexibility of dual fuel capability with a wide body wave piercing catamaran hull for superior seakeeping and twice the space onboard of a conventional monohull.

    The engineering masterpiece features an innovative propulsion design that incorporates dual fuel capability, allowing the owner to operate the yacht with either Diesel fuel or, the less expensive and environmentally friendly LNG fuel.

    The whisper quiet and fully insulated powerplant consists of four Bentley Marine turbines. Two small ones for the innovative Turbo-Electric propulsion that turns the starboard and port 360 steerable water jets which are equipped with twin fins that double as rudders at high speeds and, two large turbines with direct mechanical connection to the Ventilated Water Jets installed in each hull.

    This revolutionary design does not even require the use of anchors to keep position. The electric-powered 360 steerable water jets work in Dynamic Positioning mode, using DGPS system to maintain position within the precision of 3ft (1m).

    The aerospace derived full Motion control system include T-Foils at each hull bow and interceptor plates at the respective sterns. Pitch and roll are eliminated with the innovative system which also increases the vessel speed.

    Fuel efficiency at high speeds is provided by the Air Cavity Catamaran hulls that reduce hydrodynamic drag in up to 35%. The first and only Wave Piercing Catamaran in the world equipped with an Air Cavity hull.

    John Rodrigues' innovative design is distinguished by an aerodynamic elevated helm station, floor to ceiling windows for unobstructed ocean views and beautiful mahogany wood accents on the hull sides.

    This Superyacht is designed to carry a medium size helicopter on the upper deck, two full size SUV's in the stern garage, one submarine at the port side garage and a 32ft fully enclosed and air conditioned Bentley Yachts Titanium Tender Hydrofoil on the starboard garage.

    As all Bentley Yachts, the interior is a secret only revealed to the buyers. Notwithstanding that, you can expect a open main deck interior layout with full ocean views, a forward and stern salons, movie theatre, skylight, a pool and a Jacuzzi and large accommodations for 10-12 guests in four VIP staterooms boosting floor to ceiling sliding windows, with walking closets and private heads, plus a master suite with 180 panoramic ocean views.

     The exclusive BENTLEY YACHTS Silhouette Wave Piercing Catamaran is a Seakeeping Masterpiece conceived, designed and engineered for those few who want the next level in Yacht Design, Class and Prestige!




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