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120' (37m) BENTLEY Yachts    Osprey
Featuring the Unconventional Naturally Ventilated Monohull

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineering by: John F. Rodrigues and the BENTLEY Yachts International Design and Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months
$14,000,000 (US)
Construction: Advanced Composites
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine Aluminum 42 cylinder Radial engines
Propulsion Drive: BENTLEY Marine high performance Ventilated Water Jets
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

  Osprey "clean" lines brings the sophistication of BENTLEY Yachts in the most pure form and in an uncompromising elegant way.

    The elegant tri-deck design  features a glass-wrapped main deck that gives 360 Ocean views. A first in the yacht industry! Also a first is the use of a giant lower deck window in the Master suite that extends almost 10 meters (33ft) alongside and the  4 guest suites floor to ceiling windows.

    The bow area was designed to maximize entertainment space, with plenty of seating area and a large sun pad. Easy access is provided from the main deck's forward salon staircase and upper deck floating helm station.

    The upper deck is distinguished by a six  person Jacuzzi, fully equipped bar and an aft sun pad - all separated from the helm station by a curved electro-hydraulic glass door.

    Like in most larger BENTLEY Yachts a large garage was reserved for a 20ft custom tender, which can be easily deployed by just one person.

    A retractable swim platform with built-in staircase was provided for your safety, as it prevents unwanted people to easily go onboard your private yacht.

    The absence of a radar arch is no mistake, it's part of BENTLEY Yachts technology leadership. Soon to be imitated by others? It preserves the "Purity of Line"TM of our designs!

    Why float at 12 knots and take a day or two to go from one destination to another if you can go at 40 knots with almost the same fuel? Speed and fun are part of our philosophy and delivered through innovative and exclusive hull forms and propulsion systems.

    OSPREY is equipped with our shallow draft Unconventional  Naturally Ventilated monohull that enables 40% more speed with the same power of conventional floating tub monohulls and yet far better longitudinal stability, so you do not go up and down with the waves. We proposed our BENTLEY Marine lightweight 42 cylinder Aluminum engines as an outstanding alternative to our more expensive turbines, which are optionally available. Our remotely monitored engines and mini-turbine generators fit in very compact spaces and allow for about 25%  more useful interior space than other yachts.

     State-of-the-art touch-screen monitoring and alarm system and joy-stick controls with BENTLEY Marine 360 water-jet bow and directional stern thrusters enables even the most novice yachtsmen to take the helm of a BENTLEY Yachts with total confidence.

    Vibration and maintenance free Mini-turbine generators allow you and your guests to sleep in peace at night with maximum reliability.

    Always expect more from a BENTLEY Yachts!

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