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The 85Knot Seakeeping Masterpiece - Manta!

115' (35m) BENTLEY Yachts   Manta (ALSO AVAILABLE ON A 230FT VERSION)
The fastest Wave Piercing Trimaran Superyacht in the world!

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineered by: BENTLEY Yachts Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months
$20,000,000 (US)
Construction: BENTLEY Marine exclusive Aluminum Alloys
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine BM-M70 Gas Turbines
Fuel Type: Diesel, Biodiesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)


    The breathtaking 85 knot BENTLEY YACHTS Manta combines the ultimate in Superyacht Design with unmatched deck space, comfort and interaction with the environment. - The sleek silver metallic triangular shaped single deck superstructure of the Manta works as a wing at ultra high speeds, generating  70% of its dynamic lift. As a result, the craft barely touches the water at 85 knots cruising speeds with its three specially designed wave piercing hulls, which maintain the vessel aligned and stable at all times, even at rest, with a fraction of the motions experienced in any monohull or catamaran.

    If you love wide unobstructed interior spaces and the ability to feel yourself as part of the surrounding environment, Manta is for you! Step into the future with a 2700sq.ft (250sq.m) wide open interior, with giant windows around you, a transparent floor and an enormous atrium featuring a retractable roof. If that is too much light for you, control the electro-luminescent glass as you like for the perfect blend of privacy and light. In addition to the master suite, four VIP staterooms boasting floor to ceiling windows, walk-in closets and private heads await you inside.

    Like deck space? Try sunbathing at the stern overhanging cabana and/or the giant top deck. Want to enjoy the sun in privacy? Open the retractable roof and lay down on the comfortable reclining chairs of the atrium area. Need to come or leave on a helicopter? Manta gives you the widest helipad in the industry above its top deck and the most stable platform to operate large helicopters.

    Carefully selected BENTLEY MARINE state-of-the-art machinery and equipment combines performance and fuel efficiency like no other yacht on earth. A pair of BENTLEY MARINE Master Series turbines and custom built Ventilated Water Jets effortlessly catapult Manta to 85 knots plus speeds in a noiseless and vibration free environment. Low speed cruising and maneuvering are economically accomplished by means of two 300HP stern mounted and one 150HP bow mounted 360 steerable water jets. The stern units double as rudders at high speeds and also as a motion control system at rest. This revolutionary Superyacht does not require the use of anchors to keep position. The three electric-powered 360 steerable water jets work in Dynamic Positioning mode, using DGPS system to maintain position within the precision of 3ft (1m).

    Tender garage can be configured for one 25ft low profile tender, two jet skis and two cars.

     The exclusive BENTLEY YACHTS Manta is a Seakeeping Masterpiece conceived, designed and engineered for those few who want to move ahead of their time with unparalleled class and prestige!




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