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 The Awesome LARC - LX:

The Ultimate Shadow Yacht or Amphibian Recreational Craft

Featuring a larger swimming pool than most Superyachts in the world!

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineered and built by: US Army
Delivery: 6 months
Price: $2,000,000 (US)
Construction: Military Grade Corten Steel Alloy
Engine: Quad Rolls Royce Eagle 305 Turbo Diesel (One engine per wheel)
4 Wheel Drive / 4 Wheel Steering
Transmission: Three Speed Allison Automatic with fully Hydraulic driven propellers.
Fuel Type: Diesel (2x 300G Tanks)


    Yacht Boutique under the creative mind of its President & CEO, John F. Rodrigues, brings you a whole new exciting BIG toy to a beach near you: The US Army engineered 100 ton "Light Amphibian Resupply Cargo" - LARC -LX (60 ton payload capacity) as the new relabeled LUXURY AMPHIBIAN RECREATIONAL CRAFT!


    The LARC LX is the answer for those looking for the ultimate in Shadow Yacht (supply boat) for their 200ft-600ft Superyacht or just the ultimate amphibian toy to entertain on the water or on the beach. It has a 60 ton payload capacity with 100 ton emergency load, meaning you can use it to carry boats, cars, trucks and all sorts of loads, including our suggested modular 35ft x14ft swimming pool around, since most of the world's Superyachts do not have a pool of that size!  What about using it as a floating dock for your own yacht and guests at your house or in the middle of the ocean while you entertain them in a barbecue party by the pool? Cool? Oh Yeah!

Cargo space can accommodate 40ft containers,  trucks, boats and all sorts of cargo, or even a swimming pool for entertainment of guests.
Note the two level deep engine room with 5 access hatches and full machine instrumentation display.


    The LARC is an amazing amphibian machine with four 300HP Diesel engines (one per wheel) that can climb 60 grades in almost any type of terrain and yet cut tight corners with its 3 All Wheel Steering modes:


    For those not willing to spend between 10-12 Million USD for a new one, we have available for a fraction of the price, one of only three in the world US Army 1997 modernization prototypes which was completely rebuilt with new more powerful and reliable hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors for water propulsion with two 300 gal hydraulic fluid tanks, new more powerful Diesel engines, air intakes with hydraulic fans, new radiators, alternators,  pneumatics, electronics and hull modifications for less drag at the wheels and extra starboard crew cabin. - All at a cost of 2.5 Million  USD back in 1997! This LARC LX has only 100hrs since those modifications. We have all books, shop manuals and maintenance records showing millions of Dollars spent in maintenance through its military service life and a final US Army Survey before it was sold in 2001.

Hull modifications include wheel opening flares for better hydrodynamics
and hull sides lower fenders which are great for docking  yachts along side.

LARC LX  being moved by 500 ton crane after fresh paint work completed in 2013. See Hydraulic driven propellers and the four radiators vents (1 per engine)


 The unit has only 100 hours since the US Army modernization program, and is now being outfitted with four Zero hour very special military Rolls Royce Eagle Diesels rated 305HP each that we imported from the UK, so it is really One of a Kind! Please make an Appointment for viewing.

John F. Rodrigues with Zero Hour Rolls Royce Eagle 305 Turbo engines


    This LARC LX is for the Guinness World Records! - Largest Rolls Royce powered wheeled vehicle we know of and largest swimming pool ever fitted in a road capable vehicle.

   Please contact us for more information or to schedule a personal visit to discuss your project.






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