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115' (35m) BENTLEY Yachts    Corsa
Featuring the Unconventional Naturally Ventilated Monohull

Yacht Concept, Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Engineering by: John F. Rodrigues and the BENTLEY Yachts International Design and Engineering Team
Delivery: 18 months
$18,000,000 (US)
Construction: Advanced Composites, BENTLEY Marine Aluminum and Stainless Steel Alloys
Engine: Twin BENTLEY Marine Gas Turbines
Propulsion Drive: BENTLEY Marine high performance Ventilated Water Jets
Fuel Type: Diesel or LNG (Non-flammable Cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas)

    Corsa! The name says it all - "Racing" in Italian! This ultimate BENTLEY Yachts thoroughbred is John F. Rodrigues best definition of what a 70knot turbine powered boat should look, feel and drive like.

    The asymmetric hull form of the unconventional naturally ventilated monohull assures better longitudinal stability than any other monohull (no up and down Dolphin effect at high speeds) with unmatched fuel efficiency. The "Pilot" and guests will enjoy feeling "G-Forces" when sharp- turning this beast at 60knot + cruising speeds as it cuts through the ocean with Swiss-knife precision and will be pushed back against their seats when experiencing the brutal acceleration of this beauty. BENTLEY Marine ultra-lightweight turbine package takes care of  the crisp acceleration with no cavitation, thanks to the superior  power provided by the Ventilated Water Jets custom designed to work in total tune with the turbines and advanced hull form. - All that with a silk-smooth ride, not bouncing like a cork like all other overpowered go-fast yachts we have often seen, that after running hard for just a few months have their hull structures completely ruined.

    Because the safety of you and your family is not negotiable at BENTLEY Yachts, our engineering Team is guided by John F. Rodrigues to built the CORSA hull in aluminum for such speeds. Of course BENTLEY Marine Magnesium Aluminum alloy, which is not only Navy approved, but also 50% lighter and stronger than any other marine aluminum. Under the skin of the beautiful silver metallic superstructure lays a 5 axis machine carved advanced reinforced composites (Kevlar & Carbon Fiber) structure.

    This is the first sport yacht ever to feature innovative giant slanted lower deck windows, carefully designed by John F. Rodrigues for BENTLEY Yachts. Another exclusive Trademark of his designs and BENTLEY Yachts are the hand made Stainless Steel roof with electro-hydraulic retractable glass panels and the side-glass protection against the wind in such speeds.

    The interior, as always at BENTLEY Yachts, is a well-kept secret  for the owners only, and not available for public show. Expect four lavish staterooms with our traditional wide-open ocean views !

    Not surprisingly the yacht features all the amenities such as al-fresco seating area in the bow for entertaining, a large Jacuzzi in the bow under the removable sun pad and a tender garage.

    For those who want nothing but the best and can afford it, CORSA is here to change the looks and the feeling of ultra-high-speed-yachting forever!

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