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Wow! Best deal in the Superyacht World!

BUY IT NOW ! - The most Advanced SWATH in the world featuring the exclusive Lockheed Martin designed Variable Draft  SWATH Hull at an unbeatable price and immediately available for our Superyacht conversion!

208' (63m) x 60ft  BENTLEY Yachts   
Futura with Lockheed Martin's exclusive Variable Draft SWATH Hull
(Superstructure design is Top Secret, shown by Appointment Only!)

The world's first Ice Class multi-hull ship and the only one beach capable Superyacht

Yacht Concept, Superstructure Design & Interior: John F. Rodrigues
Hull form: Varicraft SWATH Hull Designed, Engineered by Lockheed Martin
Superstructure by: John F. Rodrigues and the BENTLEY Yachts International Design and Engineering Team
Delivery with new superstructure: 12 months
BUY IT NOW already built for only $25,000,000 (US) instead of 100 Million + for a New Construction
Construction: Ice Class Steel Hull with lightweight Aluminum Alloy superstructure with Composite exterior finishing panels
Engines: Main Porpulsion: Four  MTU Diesel Engines rated 2700HP each - Auxiliary: Two 1600HP MTU Diesel Engines
Propulsion Drive: Four Wartsila stern Water Jets + Two 360 steerable American Water Jets
Fuel Type: Diesel

    This is another Yacht Boutique - For the One of a Kind!  first! Not only Bentley Yachts was the first Superyacht builder to introduce SWATH technology in the yacht industry back in 1999, now innovative designer John F. Rodrigues  brings the first Ice Class SWATH Superyacht and the only yacht in the world capable of changing its draft to go right onto a beach!

    This high-tech Lockheed Martin designed ship was built in 2010 at a cost in excess of 80 Million Dollars as a technology demonstrator to the US Navy by the Office of Naval Research and now available for us to convert it into a Superyacht as two of our SWATH engineers now retired from Lockheed Martin were the actual inventors and designers of this and other SWATH ships for Lockheed Martin and brought us to this unique opportunity to own the best and only ice-class variable draft SWATH and convert it into the most spetacular Superyacht without the two year wait for new construction and at 1/4 of its original construction cost as a Ferry. The ship is already built, brand new with only a few hours on the engines and US Navy tested. All needed to complete is the new modular Bentley Yachts FUTURA aluminum Superstructure and personalized interior finish to be completed to your taste and requirements.

Own the most comfortable and stable Yacht in the world with SWATH Technology for 1/4 of the price of building a new one!

    The 200ft FUTURA is indeed the only Superyacht of its kind in the world -  The high speed Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulls (SWATH) offers unsurpassed sea keeping in heavy open seas, because the central yacht platform is suspended above water by the two variable draft torpedo shaped hulls, thus completely uncoupled from the effect of the waves in heavy seas - SWATH Mode. The hydraulic center hull can be lowered at any time to allow it to cruise in very shallow waters in Barge mode and beaching into your favorite spot. Yes, no more tenders to go the beach, take your whole yacht and impress the crowd!

    The extra wide 60 ft beam combined with the deep submerged SWATH hulls, gives this Superyacht better stability than any Superyacht ever built, thus enabling this one of a kind platform to stay stationary in the middle of the ocean rock solid with almost no pitching and rolling at all! - Forget about useless fin stabilizers and their loud noise! Welcome into the FUTURA or Future!

    The wide beam also translates in lots of interior space without the length. FUTURA features three separate living areas:

-  The main one is the center barge hull that can be hydraulically raised and lowered to water level at your convenience to deploy cars, tenders, or simply step into the beach. It will feature a complete glass dome bow area with very high ceilings.The third deck features a helipad at the stern and giant alfresco space, with Jacuzzi, barbecue, sun pad, etc. Forward to the unobstructed glass wrapped full beam main salon, there is an elevated main salon with a 180 ocean views and a private overhanging balcony for a breath-taking ocean experience at all times!

FUTURA's main salon exclusive Dome Ceiling Interior & two-deck Center barge hull Living Space - Another Superyacht First!

- The two other living areas are above the main deck level (No more portholes and claustrophobic interiors - Welcome into Futura !) and feature floor to ceiling sliding glass. All 7 staterooms offer ocean views from high above the water and private balconies over the ocean are located in the upper deck for magnificent high rise ocean views.

    A 30ft custom tender is lowered by an elevator from the transom garage. More exciting "top secret" interior details of the FUTURA are revealed only by an appointment basis.

    The BENTLEY YACHTS FUTURA is an engineering masterpiece like no other in the world which will take yachting to the next level for years to come!

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