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BENTLEY Yachts Design Team


    Here you will learn a little bit more about some of today's best talents in Yacht Design, Naval Architecture and Engineering.  They are the people making BENTLEY YACHTS the most sexy, prestigious and desirable vessels in the world!

    Under the guidance of Yacht Developer John F. Rodrigues, over 750 Naval Architects, Engineers, Hydrodynamicists, Stylists and Interior Designers from around the world form the highly skilled BENTLEY YACHTS Design Team who deliver the latest in yacht design and naval technologies.

    In order to ensure the best in design creativity, technology innovation and construction quality, for each new yacht project, Yacht Developer John F. Rodrigues personally forms and manages a Team of the very best specialists in each field to work together. Therefore, the designers you will meet herein are mostly responsible for the exterior profile only, leaving an international Team of hull and propulsion specialists coordinated by John F. Rodrigues, who is also responsible for the interior layout, to integrate the final package for the selected shipyard.

    All our advanced military hull designs are not adapted or modified from one project to the next, they are carefully designed, engineered and tested for each particular project by our Team of very experienced military engineers, hydrodynamicists and naval architects who currently work or have worked for the leading Navies in Europe and the US, thus bringing the utmost in safety and military technology, unmatched by any other yacht builder today.

 The staff also counts with an in-house water tank laboratory and wind tunnel test facility for accurate model testing and development of complex hull forms and high speed craft such as Hydrofoil, Air Cavity, SWATH, SLICE and the exclusive Ekranoplan.

    Here are some of the stylists and designers who make part of the prestigious BENTLEY YACHTS Design Team.

    After reviewing each of them and deciding which style and type of vessel fits better your taste and needs, we welcome you to make an appointment with us to discuss your project or join us in our next Yacht Boutique Rendez-Vous to meet your favorite one in person.

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    On behalf of the participating Designers, engineers, naval architects and all the persons and companies involved in this unique Project, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you our best in Yacht Design and we look forward to completely fulfill your yachting needs in the near future.

                                                                                    Very truly yours,

                                                                                 John F. Rodrigues
                                                                               President & CEO

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