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  BENTLEY YACHTS offers the largest Yacht Portfolio in the industry, with over 40 (forty) very exciting designs ranging from the 32ft (10m) TT-Titanium Tender, a fully enclosured high speed hydrofoil for eight people, to the outstanding 420ft (127m) Ecstasy.

    We invite you to take your time and browse our 1.2 Billion Dollar plus Yacht Portfolio which is a showcase of avant garde design and technology of a world-class Team  of Yacht Designers, Military Engineers and Naval Architects in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate perfection !

The world leaders in Green Yachts!

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* All prices are suggested prices for a turn-key delivery, including everything from project conception, engineering, tank tests, construction with all interior finishes,  and the delivery of your very personalized yacht to you anywhere in the world. Just bring your tooth brush! Every project is different, so please make an appointment to discuss your special needs and set up a budget for your dream yacht. Most designs can be built in a smaller or larger version and modified to any extent to accommodate your personal requirements.

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1. 420ft (127m) BENTLEY YACHTS Ecstasy


205 Million
2. 300ft (91m) BENTLEY YACHTS Sublime


172 Million
3. 244ft (74m) BENTLEY YACHTS Aries Ekranoplan

Wing-in-Ground-Effect Yacht

95 Million
4. 235ft (71m) BENTLEY YACHTS Super Sport


75 Million
5. 235ft (71m) BENTLEY YACHTS Biarritz

SWATH Superyacht

75 Million
6. 210ft (64m) BENTLEY YACHTS  Sublime


70 Million

192ft (58m) BENTLEY YACHTS Gemini Ekranoplan

Wing-in-Ground-Effect Yacht

75 Million
8. 180ft (55m) BENTLEY YACHTS Intrepid Superyacht 46 Million
9. 180ft (55m) BENTLEY YACHTS Poseidon Superyacht 50 Million
10. 171ft (52m) BENTLEY YACHTS Super Sport Superyacht 36 Million
11. 160ft (48m) BENTLEY YACHTS Bora Motorsailer Superyacht 30 Million
12. 150ft (45 m) BENTLEY YACHTS Silhouette Wave Piercing Catamaran Superyacht 30 Million
13. 150ft (45.5 m) BENTLEY YACHTS Blue Streak Superyacht 28 Million
14. 150ft (45.5m) BENTLEY YACHTS Contour Superyacht 28 Million
15. 146ft (44m) BENTLEY YACHTS Ocean Course Hydrofoil Superyacht 22 Million
16. 145ft (44m) BENTLEY YACHTS Silhouette Superyacht 25 Million
17. 132ft (40m) BENTLEY YACHTS Constellation Superyacht 20 Million
18. 120ft (37m) BENTLEY YACHTS Osprey Superyacht 14 Million
19. 115ft (35m) BENTLEY YACHTS Manta Wave Piercing Trimaran Ultra-Fast Superyacht 20 Million
20. 115ft (35m) BENTLEY YACHTS Mistral Superyacht 11.5 Million
21. 115ft (35m) BENTLEY YACHTS Corsa Superyacht 18 Million
22. 112ft (34m) BENTLEY YACHTS Chantal Mega Yacht 11.8 Million
23. 110ft (33m) BENTLEY YACHTS Galaxy Hydrofoil Mega Yacht 11.5 Million
24. 105ft (32m) BENTLEY YACHTS Vectra High Speed SWATH Multihull   Mega Yacht 15 Million
25. 100ft (30m) BENTLEY YACHTS Illuminations A-Foil Catamaran Multihull   Mega Yacht 12 Million
26. 100ft (30m) BENTLEY YACHTS Orion Mega Yacht 9 Million
27. 95ft (29m) BENTLEY YACHTS Atoll Sport Fisherman Yacht 7.8 Million
28. 85ft (26m) BENTLEY YACHTS Baleares Sport Fisherman Yacht 7 Million
29. 82ft (25m) BENTLEY YACHTS St. Tropez Mega Yacht 5.6 Million
30. 80ft (24m) BENTLEY YACHTS Bourak Mega Yacht 5.5 Million
31. 75ft (23m) BENTLEY YACHTS Calais Performance Yacht 4.6 Million
32. 72ft (22m) BENTLEY MARINE SEA PM-30 SEA - Surface Effect Aircraft 35 Million
33. 65ft (20m) BENTLEY YACHTS Fiji Sport Fisherman Yacht 4.5 Million
34. 60ft (18m) BENTLEY YACHTS Woodster Mahogany Performance Yacht 1.8 Million

55ft (17m) BENTLEY YACHTS Bolero

Performance Yacht 1.5 Million
36. 50ft (15m) BENTLEY YACHTS Sport Veloce Racing Runabout 1.5 Million
37. 40ft (12m) BENTLEY YACHTS Islander Ekranoplan

Wing-in-Ground-Effect Yacht

1.5 Million
38. 40ft (12m) BENTLEY YACHTS Silver Bullet Offshore Racing 1.5 Million
39. 36ft (11m) BENTLEY YACHTS Retro Sleek Mahogany Runabout 575 Thousand
40. 33ft (10m) BENTLEY MARINE SEA PM-4 SEA - Surface Effect Aircraft 15 Million
41. 33ft (10m) BENTLEY YACHTS Woodster Open Mahogany Performance Yacht 575 Thousand
42. 32ft (9.7m) BENTLEY YACHTS  TT- Titanium Tender Hydrofoil Enclosed Runabout 550 Thousand


 ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes)After reviewing our BENTLEY YACHTS Portfolio and deciding which style and type of vessel fits better your taste and needs, we welcome you to make an appointment with us to discuss your project in more detail. Remember that we are custom builders, so we will tailor any yacht or design to your specific requirements.

ylwsquare.gif (69 bytes)Worldwide Service & Support
BENTLEY Yachts offers a Global around the clock 24/7/365 two year warranty and service support.

     Service on the Yacht is just a call or e-mail away! No more hassle of calling several local service distributors,  you call Yacht Boutique's Customer Service and we will take care of making all the necessary  arrangements to service your boat ASAP. Generally in less than 48hs. Extended warranty plans of up to 5 years can be purchased in accordance to your specific needs.

 Also check our Yacht Boutique Yacht Management Programs.


BENTLEY YACHTS meets and exceeds the norms and specifications of the following Classification Societies and are IMO, SOLAS, ABYC, MCA and US Coast Guard compliant:

Safety Standards:

MCA Compliant
MCA Compliant            American Boat & Yacht Council    United States Coast Guard

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