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"...creating Technological Masterpieces to embellish the World's Oceans"

The world leaders in Green Ship Technologies!

    BENTLEY YACHTS is fruit of the combination of years of experience and the  passion of a large international group ("Team") of Yacht Designers, Military Engineers, Naval Architects and selected shipyards throughout the world that under the guidance of John F. Rodrigues are set to design and built "The Most Technologically Advanced Yachts in the World "TM.

    The result is an exclusive line of Custom Designed Yachts like no other you have seen before.

    BENTLEY YACHTS symbolizes a new era in yachting elegance, comfort and high-speed cruising at sea, with exclusive military proven hull and propulsion technologies, unsurpassed craftsmanship quality and unparalleled reliability and service support.

    We are reinventing yachting with exciting advanced high seakeeping hulls such as Hydrofoil, Air Cavity, A-foil, Wave Piercing Catamaran and Trimaran, Swath, Air Cushion Catamarans of Surface Effect Type and Wing-in-Ground Effect Yachts which are offered with exclusivity in the yacht industry and will set you apart from the crowd.

    Our well diversified  Portfolio of over 40 (Forty) very unique Designs (the largest in the industry) ranging from the 32ft (10m) TT-Titanium Tender, a fully enclosed high speed hydrofoil for eight people, to the outstanding 420ft (127m) Ecstasy is just enough for you to get started and get a taste of our superior yacht design ability and sophisticated technical capability.

    We will design,engineer and build your very personalized dream yacht to exceed all your needs and expectations in every detail.

    If you are a serious fishermen, you will be amazed with the 40 Knot plus performance of our turbine-powered 95ft Atoll Sport Fisherman. Beach goers will love our 132ft Constellation, that can drop you right into the beach with it’s hydraulic bow ramp. Live aboards will enjoy the rock solid experience of our 105 Vectra SWATH and speed record breakers the 250knot cruising speed of the Ekranoplans.

bullet1.gif (229 bytes)Because there is a huge Difference...

ylwlosangle.gif (1027 bytes)Uniquely Designed:
    All BENTLEY YACHTS Designs are "
One of a Kind" Exclusive and Limited. You will never find another yacht just like yours, as all final exterior profiles, interior layouts and machinery are 100% custom designed and engineered to our customer's specific requirements.

See the Team of Yacht Designers and Advanced Hull Forms

    NOTE: In order to preserve the exclusivity and prestige of BENTLEY YACHTS and prevent other shipyards and designers from copying our unique Designs and exclusive technologies, it is our policy not to mail or disclose floor plans or machinery arrangement before we personally meet with our customers and discuss the particular project in detail.

ylwsquare.gif (69 bytes)Specially Crafted
    BENTLEY YACHTS are hand-crafted according to its size, design,  material requirements and client's  preferences in selected world-class renowned shipyards mainly in the United States, England, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. Construction and machinery installation are performed under our direct supervision and
Total Quality Assurance Program. Our worldwide building capability gives our clients total flexibility and dramatically reduces delivery times.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes)Quality Construction
    BENTLEY YACHTS are engineered with military grade specifications, tested and built to exceed strict Classification Societies safety standards and to withstand the worst possible sea conditions. The extensive use of lightweight aerospace materials, fire proof engineering with integrated sprinkler system and full sound insulation engineering are just a few of the standard features that sets BENTLEY YACHTS apart from all others.

                                                                                                 Finite Element Method Structural Analysis.


Third Generation Super lightweight Shipbuilding Materials.

    BENTLEY YACHTS are also carefully designed and engineered to last longer than any other yachts. The latest construction materials and techniques are employed for best salt water corrosion resistance, such as our ultra lightweight BENTLEY MARINE Special Aluminum Magnesium Alloys with up to 40% higher strength than 5083 and 5086 marine aluminum alloys and about 25% more than Alustar ™,  with yet up to 50% less weight.

    BENTLEY YACHTS is the first and only Yacht builder to offer hulls and superstructures built completely in exotic Titanium Alloys for the ultimate strength.

    Composite hulls and superstructures are built either with Advanced Cored Composite Materials such as Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Aramid, or with a choice of our BENTLEY MARINE environmentally safe Styreneless Triple Layer Glass Plastic reinforced composites with fire retardant attributes and armored Stealth military  Super Composites that offer 10 times the strength of steel and are 40% stronger than Aramid fibers (Kevlar). The materials are vacuum bagged laminated employing infusion technologies, such as SCRIMP, for maximum precision and perfection by specially trained personnel in selected military grade shipyards and facilities. Our Total Quality Assurance Program will assure the total safety of your family and provide you with peace of mind and reliability at all times.

BENTLEY MARINE Special ultra-lightweight Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Hull Structure

SCRIMP Infusion method and John F. Rodrigues inspecting a 136 ft Carbon Fiber Hull fabrication

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes)Technologically Advanced

    BENTLEY YACHTS are the first and the only Yacht builder in the world to incorporate its own BENTLEY MARINE brand of custom built machinery and equipment, such as lightweight aluminum Diesel engines, compact gas turbines and gear boxes, mini turbine generators, motion control and electrical systems.
    All BENTLEY YACHTS are built with proven advanced military developed
hulls. The sophisticated hulls are also equipped with computerized motion control systems for a silk-smooth comfortable ride, outperforming any conventional monohull yachts in all possible sea conditions.
    Additionally, BENTLEY YACHTS offer a whisper quiet environment onboard, thanks to the extensive use of state-of-the-art resilient floor panels (floating floors), special wall insulation systems and BENTLEY MARINE vibration free machinery .
    Most, if not all of our hull designs, such as Hydrofoils, A-Foils, Air Cavity and Air Cushion Catamarans, enable a  yacht equipped with relatively small power (Diesel engines or Gas Turbines) to sustain high cruising speeds of over 40 knots in adverse sea conditions with great comfort and unmatched fuel economy. When equipped with BENTLEY MARINE high-efficiency Gas Turbines, some designs can reach breath taking speeds never seen in a yacht before, from 70 Knots up to a breathtaking 200+ Knots  for Wing in Ground Effect Yachts .

   Insulated Wall System

Insulated Floating Floors

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes)Superbly Finished

    Clients and BENTLEY YACHTS Interior Designers meet to decide on floor plans and on an array of ultra sophisticated materials and finishes that meet the strongest fire safety regulations .

  French & Italian Hardware

  The Finest Woods, Marbles,Veneers, leather and fabrics    

Click here to see some of BENTLEY YACHTS exclusive  interior features.

    The cabinetry and furniture are then hand-crafted by the unparalleled and legendary Scandinavian, Dutch and Italian wood artisans.  When completed they are carefully installed in the chosen construction shipyard.


ylwlosangle.gif (1027 bytes)"By Appointment Only" Worldwide Sales

    We believe that
"The most exclusive Yachts in the World" needed to be sold accordingly.  BENTLEY YACHTS are sold Exclusively worldwide by Yacht Boutique's  personalized "by appointment only" basis. You can either use this site to make an appointment, or contact us and we will gladly schedule an appointment to talk about a specific project or to make an initial  presentation of the BENTLEY YACHTS of your choice.

    We also encourage you to enjoy your spare time in a "One of a Kind" vacation experience in one of our Yacht Boutique's Quatre Saisons Rendez-Vous throughout the world, where you will have the opportunity to meet with the Engineers, Naval Architects & Designers.

NOTE: The purchase of a BENTLEY YACHTS is a very special and important moment in your life, so we want to make it magical for you in every possible detail.

ylwsquare.gif (69 bytes)Worldwide Service & Support

    BENTLEY YACHTS offers a Global around the clock (24/7/365) two-year limited warranty and service support. Service on the Yacht is just a call or e-mail away!

    No more hassle of calling several local service distributors,  you call Yacht Boutique's Customer Service and we will take care of making all the necessary  arrangements to service your boat ASAP. Generally in less than 48hs. Extended warranty plans of up to 5 years can be purchased in accordance to your specific needs. Another first on BENTLEY YACHTS is that  BENTLEY MARINE custom built machinery (engines, generators, etc.) and equipment (electric & electronic) can be remotely monitored and operated anywhere in the world by our technicians through the use of satellite communications, thus saving time and money.


BENTLEY YACHTS meets and exceeds the norms and specifications of the following Classification Societies and are IMO, SOLAS, ABYC, MCA and US Coast Guard compliant:

Safety Standards:

MCA Compliant
MCA Compliant            American Boat & Yacht Council    United States Coast Guard


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