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Exclusive Yacht Interior Features


Copy of Table  leg.jpg (14594 bytes)
Dining table detail with stone inlay

          Lapis Lazuli side table

    "Out of the ordinary! We believe that the interior of your custom BENTLEY YACHTS Megayacht or Superyacht should be an extension of your own home; an unique piece of Moving Art, blending innovation, beauty, comfort and aesthetics in a harmonic atmosphere." - John F. Rodrigues, President & CEO.

     Aren't we all tired of the same boring claustrophobic yacht interiors? Does darkness, wood everywhere, glossy veneers and carpets impregnated of stinky feet seem familiar? Well, we are here to change all of that either if you are building a brand new BENTLEY YACHTS or retrofitting your existing yacht.

    BENTLEY YACHTS' International Team of Yacht Interior Designers, through extensive research on the latest   materials, appliances and finishes, is constantly developing new ideas and exclusive creative concepts on how to improve life onboard all sizes of yachts. The result is always a yacht with personality and like no other in the world!

    Our clients of new builds and refit projects benefit from our impressive interior touches that certainly exceed their demands.

    Your safety is equally important to us! -  Did you know that  99% of the yachts out there have interiors outfitted with fire hazardous materials and no sprinkler systems at all? Yeah, you better jump into the ocean if you are on board of one of such "premier" yachts and an accidental fire breaks loose. Fortunately onboard your BENTLEY YACHTS (or refit project) you will be safe, as our yacht interiors are designed and equipped with the most advanced automatic fire suppression and sprinkler systems and outfitted with fire retardant or fire safe materials  in accordance to the strict fire safety regulations of IMO - International Maritime Organization.

At BENTLEY YACHTS, we are masters in blending the unique with the ultimate, what sets us apart in establishing a new luxury standard for Megayachts and Superyachts.


Here are some of the exclusive features you will find only onboard our BENTLEY YACHTS Interiors:

    Rich and authentic mother-of-pearl sinks and counter tops, with matching tile decor trims. A must for the owner's master suite or the main salon's powder room...

...Matching mother-of-pearl wall trims


    Hand made French and Italian fine hardware collection with semi-precious stones... (Lapis lazuli, Malachite, etc.)


customluxuryhome.jpg (14162 bytes)
...Silverware and Tableware fit for the royalty that may include your family's crest or yacht name


...hand painted European decorative tiles and wall panels enhance the level of sophistication of our BENTLEY Yachts interiors. Their creative use may include not only the shower, but   also the galley and other areas inside or outside the yacht.


...custom designed marquetry floors and doors sculptured with wood and metal inlays

If you are to use wood, you got to use it wisely and sparsely! - John F. Rodrigues

...here are some examples of the exquisite wood cabinetry and trim work we can deliver.

    A suggestion for the head & formal dining room Cabinetry doors

Handrail of a BENTLEY YACHTS

Main Salon and/or Stateroom ceiling wood trims


  ... selected lightweight honeycomb mounted marble floors and mosaics, a symbol of BENTLEY Yachts distinction!




    BENTLEY Yachts is also the first to incorporate the ultra light STRETCH CEILING technology which creates a seamless gorgeous one piece ceiling. In addition to the brilliance of the glosses, the smoothness of the marble and wood patterns, the elegance of the flat,  it offers  infinite design possibilities such as floating and domed ceilings.

The patented stretch ceiling innovation, where the fixtures are completely hidden for a perfect finish has the following advantages:

1) PRACTICAL: stretch ceiling can be installed and removed easily to accommodate your
future needs (modifications in electrical circuitry, air conditioning, heating, etc...).
2) STRONG: Thanks to the non-rigid structure, stretch ceiling can absorb impact without
4) SAFETY: The stretch ceiling professional line is non-flammable and has an M1 fire rating.
The decoration line is fireproof and will limit water damage in case of a leaking pipe.
5) EASE: Requires no maintenance.
6) WATERPROOF: stretch ceiling is safe from seepage and condensation typical in the marine environment.
7) INSULATION: Airtight, stretch ceiling optimizes your insulation.
8) ACOUSTIC ABSORPTION: stretch ceiling increases your acoustic comfort.


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