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Advanced Hull Designs

                                                                                      ...because a good Yacht starts from the bottom up!


    BENTLEY YACHTS is proud to be the only yacht builder in the world to offer our demanding affluent clientele over 15 (fifteen) military proven hull forms that deliver  nothing but an exhilarating yachting experience at all times, with unsurpassed riding comfort and seakeeping characteristics unmatched by any other yachts in the world today.

    So now, instead of bouncing like a cork in one of the industry's century old semi-planning, planning or displacement "floating tub" monohull designs, step into the future in one of our 15 plus unique BENTLEY YACHTS advanced military monohull and multi-hull designs.

   These well proven patented technologies were mostly developed for the world's top navies by our Team leading American and European marine scientists and engineers at a cost of Millions and Millions of Dollars. Some are also seen in  limited commercial applications that require superior seakeeping.

   BENTLEY YACHTS brings for the first time those exciting hull technologies to the yachting world with total exclusivity.

   Would you agree that if our naval Team can design and build ships that fly (Ekranoplans), we certainly can design and build your very own customized yacht!


Seakeeping Masterpieces TM

...Saving our planet's energy with ultra-efficient hull forms


Blade Runner Hull TM - Twin Interceptors Motion Control System:

    Our military developed  Blade Runner TM-Twin Interceptor hull form, which dramatically reduces hydrodynamic drag and wetted area under a monohull or a multihull by two sets of automatic, electronically-controlled, vertical blades installed amidships and aft, at the stern.

    The system which is currently installed in many special Navy Frigates and Patrol Boats of up to 150ft plus in length, not only increases the boat speed for a given power in comparison to a conventional monohull, but also effectively controls the vessels pitch and roll motion by varying the amount of vertical travel of the port and starboard amidships and transom mounted blades into the water. This hull form also features a special bow type with a very narrow entry line that cuts through the waves like a blade instead of causing the boat to pitch as conventional monohulls would do when passing through a wave crest.


Blade Runner
TM-Twin Interceptor hull form profile and bottom views. Note the bow fine entry lines.


We recommend the Blade Runner TM-Twin Interceptor hull form for boats ranging from 60ft to over 300ft that cruise at speeds over 20 knots.


Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial a Blade Runner TM equipped monohull for a unique and comfortable ride.


Titanium L-Foil TM  - Motion Control + Speed Increasing System:

    Our new fully retractable Titanium L-Foil TM System features a shallow draft design and can be incorporated into almost any semi-planning and planning monohulls. The L-Foils are custom engineered and designed in laboratory to each hull to substantially improve the vessel's performance and fuel economy by:
1. Reducing hydrodynamic drag by generating dynamic lift of the hull as the vessel travels at speed.
2. Improving comfort aboard by significantly reducing wave induced, heave, roll and pitch at speed
3. Improving comfort aboard  by significantly reducing roll and heave moments when the vessel is at Zero speed.

Bentley Marine's Exlusive custom built L-Foil TM System


T-Foil Motion Control System:

    Our hulls equipped with T-foil motion control systems are composed by one (monohulls) or more (catamarans) fixed or retractable automatic electronically-controlled T-Foils forward and a set of interceptor plates (a vertical type of trim tabs that generate lift) at the stern. The system is used to effectively reduce or eliminate the vessel's roll and pitch motions during moderate and high speeds and increase the fuel efficiency by reducing the hull hydrodynamic drag. Contrary to conventional hydrofoils,  the system will not lift the hull out of the water and therefore can be also used in displacement hulls.

Typical T-foil System with transom Interceptors


A-Foil Hydrofoil System for Monohulls and Catamarans:  

    In addition to the T-foil motion control system and conventional hydrofoils,  BENTLEY YACHTS also offers the revolutionary A-foil. Simpler than a conventional hydrofoil, the system uses a computer controlled fully Submerged or fixed Surface Piercing Hydrofoil in the forward portion of the hull that lifts the forward section of the yacht completely out of the water. The special foil design destroys the wave geometry passing through the A-foil, creating a flat water surface under the hull for a very smooth ride. The system  drastically reduces hydrodynamic drag, pitch and roll, considering increasing the vessel's speed, seakeeping and fuel economy. Roll an pitch control is achieved by Interceptor Plates, a pair of special vertical hydraulic trim tabs in the transom area (see picture above). The system is custom engineered for each yacht and can be made retractable. It is available for monohulls and catamarans of up to 200ft in length.

Monohull equipped with A-foil System                A-Foil in action lifting the hull                         132ft A-foil Catamaran (55 Knots cruising speed)
*Note how the foils can retract for shallow draft operation in ports and marinas

100' BENTLEY YACHTS Illuminations Catamaran A-foil equipped with the A-foil Hydrofoil System
For monohull applications, check the following designs:
95ft BENTLEY YACHTS Atoll Sport Fisherman and the 132ft BENTLEY YACHTS Constellation

Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial an A-Foil monohull or Catamaran for the ultimate experience.



Surface Piercing Hydrofoils:

Typical forward Surface Piercing foil arrangement on a large Yacht                                146ft Hydrofoil hull of BENTLEY YACHTS Ocean Course


110' ft BENTLEY Yachts Galaxy Hydrofoil

    This well proven dynamically supported self-stabilized high-speed hull technology is now first offered for pleasure vessels through BENTLEY YACHTS.

    Several different configurations are available, including fixed and retractable ones. The hydrofoil system will enable a yacht to cruise comfortably and economically in speeds from 35 knots up to a breath-taking 65+ Knots in sea conditions of waves up to 3 meters depending on the size and displacement of the vessel.

    The main advantage of Surface Piercing Hydrofoils are the extremely low fuel consumption and excellent seaworthiness at high speeds where any other conventional hull form would require a significant reduction in cruising speed and still provide very uncomfortable pitch and roll motions.

   With the surface piercing hydrofoil type, portions of the TITANIUM foils are designed to extend through the air/sea interface when foilborne. TITANIUM Struts connect the foils to the hull of the ship with sufficient length to support the hull above of the water surface when operating at designed speeds. As speed is increased, the lifting force generated by the water flow over the submerged portion of the foils increases, lifting the hull as the submerged area of the foils decrease, so draft is reduced to a safe minimum to avoid breaching through a wave. For a given speed the ship will rise until the lifting force equals the weight carried by the foils.

    Surface Piercing Hydrofoils can be designed to be static, needing to action from the boat's captain other than increasing or reducing the boat's speed to change from hullborne to foilborne operational modes or, equipped with electronically controlled motion control systems for the ultimate seakeeping comfort in rough seas.

    Our yachts can also designed with electro-hydraulic retractable foil systems for safe operation when maneuvering in shallow waters or marinas.

32ft BENTLEY YACHTS TT equipped with
Retractable Surface Piercing Hydrofoil System.

Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial a 146ft Hydrofoil.



Fully Submerged Hydrofoils:

BENTLEY YACHTS can build Yachts up to 200ft + with military proven Fully Submerged Hydrofoil technology

   You have seen "The World is not Enough" and "Wally Power" highly publicized high speed yachts...Unfortunately, none of those high speed yachts can maintain high cruising speeds other than in almost flat seas! All high speed planning yachts built to date use ordinary planning hulls and massive power to achieve speeds over 40 knots and are less than comfortable at high speeds. Most of them also did not even meet their design speeds in calm seas!

    This ultra sophisticated hull form provides the very best comfort ride in heavy seas (up to Sea State 5 at full throttle) and very high-speeds (up to 65 knots). We assure you that you will not spill a single drop of your full glass favorite drink at full speed in heavy seas.

    The foils of the fully-submerged concept are designed to operate at all times deep under the water surface. The struts which connect the foils to hull and support it when the ship is foilborne generally do not contribute to the total hydrofoil system lifting force. In this configuration, the hydrofoil system is not self-stabilizing and requires a series of sensors, gyros and computers to adjust and maneuver the ship and  to vary the effective angle of attack of the foils to change the lifting force in response to changing conditions of ship speed, weight and sea conditions. The principal and unique operational capability of hydrofoils with fully-submerged foils is the ability to uncouple the ship to a substantial degree from the effect of waves. A must for any high speed Yacht!


FOILCATS (Catamaran Hydrofoils):

    BENTLEY YACHTS can also design fully submerged Catamaran Hydrofoil Yachts with well-proven and successful technologies.

This 50 knot Catamaran Hydrofoil is immediately available for sale and REFIT as a BENTLEY YACHT

    Catamarans are ideal for those who want more interior space in a shorter envelope. Shown here is a Norwegian designed hull with two fully submerged hydrofoils forward in each hull, plus one across in the stern section. The stern foil is coupled to a pair of high performance Speed Z drive systems with variable pitch propellers facing forward  that catapult the vessel to speeds of 50 knots (90 km/h). At that speed the hull is lifted 2.3 m out of the water and the vessel is run with a "fly-by-wire"-computer controlled system which adjusts the five movable foils.

    FOILCAT's Forward electronically controlled Foils

Yacht Boutique's President & CEO, John F. Rodrigues and the FOILCAT

Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial the FOILCAT for a 50 knot hydrofoil experience.


More about the unique advantages of Hydrofoil hulls and A-foil equipped BENTLEY Yachts:

Seakeeping of Hydrofoils:
    Some of the principle advantages of hydrofoil ships, over all other monohull or alternative ship types are:
1) The ability of a ship, which is small by conventional ship standards, to operate effectively in nearly all sea environments, and
2) An improved ratio of power to displacement in the 30 to 50 knot speed range permitting economical operation at these higher speeds. The submerged-foil ship can maintain its speed and maneuverability in heavy seas while simultaneously providing a comfortable working environment for the crew.
    The ship's automatic control system (ACS) provides continuous dynamic control of the ship during take-off and all foilborne operation. In addition to providing ship roll and pitch stability, the ACS controls the hull height above the water surface, provides the proper amount of banking in turns and all but eliminates ship motions caused by the orbital particle motion of waves.

Maneuvering of Hydrofoils:

    Besides the significant speed advantage, hydrofoils are more maneuverable and provide a more stable platform than conventional ships. Foilborne turns are accomplished in a banked (coordinated) fashion. This causes the centrifugal force required in turns to be provided predominantly by the reliable lift capability of the submerged foils rather than by the unpredictable side forces from the struts. Turn coordination enhances crew comfort during high-rate turns because the accelerations due to turning are felt primarily as slightly greater vertical forces rather than lateral forces. For example, a 0.4g turn is felt as only 0.08g vertical acceleration increase while the lateral acceleration is zero. Therefore, hydrofoil ships have design turn rates of 6 to 12 degrees per second, two to four times those of conventional ships, and they can maintain these rates in both calm and rough seas.

    The exceptional stability of the hydrofoil ship makes it definitely a superior platform choice for today's yachtsmen.


Canted Strut CS-SWATH:            

This CS-SWATH is immediately available for sale and REFIT as a BENTLEY YACHTS

    Developed and patented by a major aerospace company and offered to the yacht industry exclusively by BENTLEY Yachts , the Canted Strut Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull CS-SWATH, is  wide hull design ideal for long range cruising at moderate speeds. Composed by two submerged torpedo like lower hulls of a varying cross-section connected to upper hulls (sponsons) by four canted struts which pierce the water surface.  A SWATH is totally supported by buoyancy from the fully submerged torpedo like hulls. The reduced waterplane area of the struts partially decouples the ship from wave action on the sea surface, thus substantially reducing wave-induced force moments acting on the vessel and producing very small ship motions in rough waters at most headings and speeds, which translates in an unsurpassed ride quality and seamanship.

    A four fin advanced automatic touch-screen motion-control system complements the smooth ride.

Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial and experience the difference of a CS-SWATH.


High Speed HS-SWATH:

105' BENTLEY Yachts Vectra High Speed HS-SWATH

    Developed and patented by a leading European Navy scientist from BENTLEY YACHTS and offered exclusively by BENTLEY YACHTS, the High-Speed Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull HS-SWATH, uses a slender patented semi-planning hull that reduces wave drag, making it possible for this unique SWATH to achieve 45 Knots cruising speeds in very heavy seas.


  QUADTM 4-Hull SWATH:                        

   This innovative SWATH design, is based on four interconnected variable draft torpedo like hulls, which increase hydrodynamic and seakeeping performance  for greater speeds and superior comfort. Variable draft, means you can navigate in shallow waters too.

    QUAD's short hulls are able to rise above the wave "hump" much more quickly, similar to the way a ski boat pushes a large wave when it's traveling slowly but rises above that resistance when it reaches higher speeds. Contrary to displacement yachts, which are heavy "floating tubs" too large to move beyond the hump and encounter more resistance the faster they go, thereby becoming fuel inefficient at higher speeds, the QUAD offers about twenty times better seakeeping in heavy seas with the ability to maintain full speed.

   A 115ft QUAD 4 Hull SWATH, has seakeeping characteristics comparable or superior to a 350ft monohull ship.

    QUAD's exclusive Multi-Display Touch-screen Control and Maneuvering System makes it a snap! The computer  controls an automatic Fin / Ballast Motion System and has Alarm and Monitoring capabilities.


SWA Monohull with Outriggers:

                                                                                                                 Note similar non-SWA center hull design currently successfully used
                                                                                                              in 400ft plus Austal Fast Ferry. SWA will present even better seakeeping.

   For those who like the idea of a comfortable long-range displacement Superyacht, Sailing Superyacht, Motorsailer  or Expedition type yacht, the amazing SWA Monohull with Outriggers can be the right choice. Developed by BENTLEY YACHTS European Team of Navy architects and marine scientists, this platform offers the unparalleled seakeeping of a SWATH with the versatility of a monohull. In other words, more interior space, far better fuel efficiency due to the "Small Waterplane Area", low noise (propulsion system located in submerged Torpedo hull and Outriggers. Sail or Motorsailer Yachts (160ft BENTLEY YACHTS Bora) with this innovative hull form will benefit from the elimination of roll and pitch and benefit from the additional speed and living space onboard.

    This new military platform can also be used for high speed motor yachts:

SWA monohull with outrigger 200ft BENTLEY YACHTS Sea Arrow


More about the unique advantages of CS-SWATH, HS-SWATH and QUAD hulls:

Seasickness Elimination: The CS-SWATH, HS-SWATH and QUAD do not bob up and down like a cork on top of the waves as conventional monohulls and catamarans do. Its submerged hull rides like a submarine below the waves, while the waves passes harmless through the surface piercing struts, giving these type of vessels motion characteristics of ships three times its length and up to twenty times its displacement.

More Deck Space: The CS-SWATH, HS-SWATH and QUAD wider beam-to-length ratio provides much more deck space then comparable displacement monohulls, meaning more useful space not only for larger staterooms or living areas along the ship, but as well as to fit toys, Jacuzzis, etc.

Ability to maintain Speed and Direction in Rough Waters: Conventional ships must dramatically reduce speed in rough sea conditions to avoid slamming damage from waves and to avoid seasickness of passengers onboard. Like hydrofoils, the CS-SWATH, HS-SWATH and QUAD can maintain up to 90% of its speed under sea state 4, conventional monohulls and catamarans only up to half of it.

Excellent Low Speed Maneuverability: The CS-SWATH, HS-SWATH and QUAD wide separation of its propellers enables them to make a complete circle within its length at zero forward speed.


Air Cavity Monohulls and Catamarans:

Air Cavity hull configuration                                                    110ft - 50 knot Air Cavity Patrol Boat 

    The Air Cavity is military developed dynamically supported  hull that provides greater speed per horsepower and superior seakeeping than any conventional or stepped monohulls or catamarans.

    The main feature of the Air Cavity hull is the configuration of its bottom that forms a delta shaped hollow, where non-compressed air is injected by means of a fan to create a cushion of air when the boat is moving, thus isolating the most part of the bottom surface from the water and decreasing hydrodynamic friction resistance of the boat in about 30%.

    Air Cavity hulls have special designed bottom sections before and after the cavity that are in permanent contact with the water. These sections not only prevent the air in the cavity from leaking, but also create a cushion effect when the boat goes through a wave.  The required volume of air in the Air Cavity is only to 3 to 5% of the total main engines installed power.

    The simpler construction of Air Cavity hulls provide great cost advantages in comparison with other high speed ships with dynamic principles of support.
                                              bottom1a.jpg (24603 bytes)
                        235' BENTLEY Yachts Super Sport equipped with Air cavity Hull                          Air Cavity Catamaran hulls in action shown here.
                                                                                                                Comfort at 60 knots!

Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial an Air Cavity Monohull or Catamaran.


Unconventional Naturally Ventilated Monohull:

    Engineered by one of the world's most respectable hydrofoil specialists of our Team as an alternative to the Air Cavity Craft for high-speed vessels up to 150ft in length, the technology uses atmospheric air pressure to provide dynamic lift support for the craft, thus creating the same effect of an air cavity hull.

    The patented unconventional three-point hull design assures superior longitudinal stability and track-like maneuverability at extreme high speeds. The hull form provides high seaworthiness for the Yacht. When coming across a wave crest no substantial additional lifting force is developed and no heavy overloads appear. Therefore the Yacht enjoys both longitudinal and lateral stability at any possible maneuver and at any course angles with respect to the wave motion.

    An already developed hydrodynamic scheme enables production of high-speed Yachts with higher seaworthiness and lower power plant output comparing to any other existing planning boats. Crafts with the following properties can be created:










Number / Type







Twin Diesels







Twin Diesels







Twin Diesels







Twin Diesels







Twin Diesels







Twin Diesels



    BENTLEY YACHTS has designated the Naturally Ventilated Monohull it's monohull of choice for 60 Knot + monohull applications. The unique hull can also be equipped with a low profile stern foil that will not add any extra draft beyond the lowest hull point, thus making it ideal for shallow water applications without the need of retractable mechanisms.

    Laboratory tests and calculations show that a bottom ventilation Yacht moving at 50 knots will spend fuel less than an ordinary deep-V monohull moving at 30 knots for the same distance. See graphics herein below.

120' BENTLEY YACHTS Osprey equipped with the Unconventional Naturally Ventilated Monohull
Also check the awesome 70 Knots plus 115ft BENTLEY YACHTS Corsa


Air Cushion Catamaran of Surface Effect Type:

     If you like the idea of a motor catamaran that has minimum draft and can glide fast through the water like a hovercraft, but with conventional under water propulsion systems for silent operation instead of large noisy air fans, the Air Cushion Catamaran of Surface Effect Type is the right yacht hull for you!

    Although SES have been around for over 30 years, only now the top European and Navy scientists were able to mitigate inherent seakeeping vertical acceleration motion related problems and minimize the required power to fill up the air cushion between the catamaran rigid hulls, which is performed by an engine driven fan.

    Our new advanced designs drive the auxiliary fan directly from the main engines, thus cutting weight and construction costs. The bow and stern skirts are made of military grade materials and do not require regular replacement, lasting up to 5 years in service.

    BENTLEY YACHTS Scandinavian Team have over 50 years of experience in designing and building the largest, fastest and most ambitious air cushion ships ever conceived for the military and now bring the latest in Air Cushion Catamaran technology into yachting and pleasure boats with designs as small as a jet-ski running on a cushion of air to 200ft plus 80knot capable Superyachts that require less than 50% of the power a comparable monohull would need to travel at the same speeds.


From Jet ski size Air Cushion PWC Catamarans to 200ft 80 knot capable Superyachts with minimum installed power.
The center picture illustrates the better distribution of loads from the impact from waves in comparison to a monohull.


Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial an Air Cushion Catamaran of Surface Effect Type.


Wave Piercing Catamaran:

     If you like the idea of a motor catamaran for wide beam interior space and stability, but don't want the sophistication of a FOILCAT hydrofoil hull, the "Down Under" (Australia & New Zealand) born Wave Piercing Catamaran may be just what you have dreamed of. Our Scandinavian engineering Team had combined the experience gained from commercial and military wave piercing catamarans throughout the world and Air Cavity military technology to bring you the ultimate in Wave Piercing Catamaran hull design.

    In addition to the well proven seakeeping advantages of the wave piercing hull, our design enhances the comfort by cushioning the ride with twin Air Cavity hulls and by adding retractable T-Foils under each hull with transom interceptors. The result is unsurpassed by any other Wave Piercing Catamaran and the fuel efficiency is significantly improved.


Australian built military Wave Piercing Catamaran                                                          The outstanding 150ft BENTLEY YACHTS Silhouette


Make an Appointment if you are interested in sea-trial and experience a Wave Piercing Catamaran.



WPT (Wave Piercing Trimaran):

The super sleek 85 Knot Plus 115ft BENTLEY YACHTS Manta

    This is the most advanced multi-hull Superyacht available today and its military developed Trimaran hull form is also exclusively offered by BENTLEY YACHTS.

 Developed and tested by some of the world's leading marine scientists and laboratories as the next generation ultra high speed military craft platform, it offers shallow draft and much better longitudinal stability than all other Wave Piercing Catamarans. This super sleek and fuel efficient Trimaran hull incorporates a wing shaped superstructure that acts in Wing-in-Ground effect to carry up to 70% of its weight in speeds over 50knots in Sea State 4+ conditions. BENTLEY Yachts can offer custom designs  up to 1,000 tons that can perform at overwhelming speeds of up to 120 knots (230ft Manta) with unmatched fuel economy.

Coming soon to a dock near you!  TM


Wing in Ground Effect Yachts (Ekranoplans) - The Future of Ultra High Speed Yachting:

The awesome military Ekranoplan amphibious flying ship are now the fastest Yachts in the World, exclusively by BENTLEY MARINE!

192ft BENTLEY YACHTS Gemini Ekranoplan cruising smoothly @ 250 knots

    If you are looking for the Fastest Yachts in the World  with transatlantic capability and unlimited seakeeping, BENTLEY YACHTS exclusive Wing in Ground Effect Yachts is just what you have being waiting for!

    A brand new 244ft BENTLEY YACHTS Aries Ekranoplan is immediately available. This is unarguably the Fastest Yacht in the World!

    BENTLEY YACHTS Ekranoplans combine extreme speeds unmatched by any other watercraft with unprecedented comfort and fuel efficiency. The secret is to glide just above the waves, thus completely eliminating seasickness.

    Wing in Ground Effect technology enables the construction of either a personal craft to play around or a giant Superyacht of up to 250ft that have minimum draft (1-2m), unlimited seakeeping (as they operate above the waves) and is amphibious, meaning that you can glide right into your favorite unspoiled beach or explore untouched ice in Alaska, the North Pole or Antarctica, thus opening new frontiers to the meaning of the word yachting.

For a more comprehensive overview of Ekranoplans, please read John Rodrigues' article:

The Future of Yachting: Wing in Ground Effect Yachts!


Don't know which hull form is right for you? Call us to set up an appointment for a professional consultation.


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