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Excellence in Custom Marine Equipment and Propulsion Systems


    The new BENTLEY MARINE military and  aerospace derived naval technologies that makes yachting an even more rewarding experience.

Electronic Chart System (ECS):


    The BENTLEY MARINE ECS 1000 system is a standalone and portable single board marine computer unit, assembled in a waterproof case (available Black, Blue, Burl wood), with built-in GPS-receiver. The system can be powered by direct or alternate current and in case of main power failure, it uses its own battery backup.

    The complete configuration includes custom marine proof computer, external aerial , trackball and mini keyboard. Our ECS 1000 system  includes the patented exclusivedKART Navigator electronic chart software system, which operates with official S-57 cartographic data, produced by national hydrographic offices, as well as C-Map worldwide collection.

    BENTLEY MARINE ECS 1000 is intended for the automation of the captain's work and maximum safety at sea.

    It's superior performance is achieved by efficient data processing from external sensors with real-time display on the chart and by bringing into use special databases. A built-in GPS receiver eliminates the necessity of any extra hardware. It is also possible to connect DGPS Beacon Receiver to use GPS in differential mode. The unit can be also delivered without internal GPS receiver. To operate with the highest efficiency, the system uses both digital and analogue information from gyrocompass, log and echosounder and can also receive APRA messages according to NMEA-0183 protocol. BENTLEY MARINE ECS 1000 can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface and accepts direct or alternate current.  In case of a ship's main power failure, it automatically uses its own battery backup.

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Electronic Chart:
Vector chart formats: DX-90/S-57, CM93.
Select chart to load
Chart presentation mode (base, standard, full)
Chart automatic loading
Zoom in/out, scale up/down
Screen palettes
Chart content interrogation
Auxiliary information display

Route Monitoring:
Select route to go
Select Way Point to go
Route Mark
Event Mark
ARPA targets on chart
Tasks of safe navigation

Route Planning:
Add/modify route in table form
Add/modify route on ENC
Add/modify Way Point
Construct reverse route
Great Circle Line calculation
Display auxiliary route
Route safety analyzing

RS232/422 Interface

External Devices:
GPS, log, Compass, Echosounder NMEA-0183, RS232/422 protocol
Analogue sensors

Safe Navigation:
Safety contour indication
Dangerous bearings indication
Obstructions detection
'Dangerous Depths Area' alarm
'Crossing Safety Contour' alarm
'Running to Danger' alarm
'External Device Failure' alarm
'Area with Specials Conditions' warning
Anti-collision warning

Browsing logbook records
Situation playback on chart
Mariner's records

Measuring tasks on Chart:
Bearing/Relative Bearing
Beam Distance to reference point
Own position prediction
Own position fix basing on bearings/distances to reference points with accurate estimations

The Main Characteristics:
Error (P=0,95) of coordinates definitions is no more than 100 metres
Error (P=0,95) of coordinates definitions with the corrector receiver is no more than 1-3 metres
Error (P=0,95) jf absolute speed definition is no more than 0,3 units
Error (P=0,95) of time definition is no more than 100 ns
Step-type behaviour of coordinates definitions 1 s
Power supply: (50-60 Hz) 110-240 V
Consumption: 45 VA

ECS1000 complete set includes:
BENTLEY MARINE ECS 1000 computer
Built - in receiver GPS 12 channels (connection of a
DGPS receiver  is possible)
15 metres of cable + Aerial GPS
Software " BENTLEY MARINE dKART NAVIGATOR " V 2.12 + 10 navigating electronic cards (at the choice of the customer)
User Manual for ECS 1000
Manual to the operator for "BENTLEY MARINE dKART NAVIGATOR ".

Other available customization features:
4 expansion  computer ports for connecting other external navigation devices
Interface for connecting external navigation devices using analogue output 
DGPS FURUNO GR-80 Receiver
Custom software " BENTLEY MARINE dKART NAVIGATOR " V 2.12 for working with external navigation devices.


BENTLEY MARINE offers 1 year worldwide full warranty on equipment and software.

If you are interested in ordering the BENTLEY MARINE ECS 1000 Electronic Chart System, please
Contact us to place your order. We deliver worldwide.

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